Thermal cookers comparison chart

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Cheating with Bellini

thermocookersI’ve made this chart for people are thinking about getting their first thermal cooker. It’s not meant to prove that one machine is superior to another – it just depends what is important to you. If you really want to cook and steam simultaneously, then the ThermoBlend or HotMixPRO will be less appealing. If a reluctance motor will seal the deal, then a Thermomix is your best option. Let me know if there are any glaring errors.

One more important point: this table doesn’t reflect the durability of the machines. The $500 and under machines usually have more reported faults and returns. All the machines have facebook pages/ user groups – these are a good place to get feedback about this issue.

The bowl capacity of every one of the machines is 2L. All prices are in Australian dollars. I haven’t included a separate section for Lakeland’s MultiChef (only sold…

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