To Thermomix or not to Thermomix?

Nice review…

To Thermomix or not to Thermomix? That’s the $1939 question. I expected to come out of the other side of a two-week trial period of the tricked up kitchen mixer knowing if it is worth splashing out almost $2000 on one. I don’t. I’ll put my cards on the table — I wasn’t considering buying a Thermomix when I asked to review one. But I was intrigued about why so much fuss was being made over a piece of kitchen equipment. When a colleague who works with me at The Australian Financial Review asked if it was worth buying one, I suggested he review one for the newspaper and find out for himself. I decided to go one step further and review one myself. I wrote a rolling review over six of the days of the trial period. We had our ups and we had our downs.

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